Raw transaction generator

A rather expert tool that is usefull when you need to double spend unspent inputs to generate a new transaction in case your old transaction has insufficient funds

Pay close attention to the inputs, because adding invalid txid's, vout's, addresses or values will result in a useless transaction, as will incorrect usage of commas and periods and/or adding extra lines or spaces!!!

Inputs, one input per line, insert the transaction id, and the number of the unspent output from this transaction that is to be used as an input for the new transaction

Outputs, one output per line, insert the receiving address, and the value (comma seperated). If you do not add a value to the last line, my script will assume it's a change address, and send the change here. In this case a more than royal transaction fee will be added based on my own size estimation and the optimal fee for a fast confirmation!!!

The original hardware wallet: trezor