Walktrough: how to pay for one or more unblurring steps using the eclair wallet on android

This walktrough cover the basics on how to pay for one or more unblurring steps using the latest release of the eclair wallet on a recent android version. Other wallets and other OS's could also be used, the steps shown in this walktrough are more or less transferable. This walktrough is written as an example, all software used in this walktrough is currently in beta phase, so there is a possibility of monetary loss. I'm not responsible if something goes wrong, please only load your eclair wallet with a minimum amount of funds!!!

This walktrough covers the complete procedure of installing a wallet, funding it, creating a channel between your LN wallet and my node and the payment procedure. If you have channels between your lightning wallet and different nodes, you can always try if there's a route to my node. If no route exists, you'll have to open a channel to my node directly.

Step 1: installing the eclair wallet

This step can be skipped if you already have eclair 0.3.5 (or higher) installed

The eclair wallet in the play store has version 0.3.0. This wallet has some bugs that prevent it from working with our node. In order to install the latest version, you'll need to install the latest release of eclair, which can be found here: https://github.com/ACINQ/eclair-wallet/releases. At the time of writing, the latest release is labelled: eclair-wallet-0.3.5-MAINNET.apk. You'll need to download this release and install it on your phone, you might need to enable the installation of packages from external sources (if you don't know how to do this: google is your friend)

Step 2: initialising your eclair wallet

This step can be skipped if your wallet is already initialised

Upon opening your eclair wallet for the first time, you'll be shown a warning about the wallet being in beta-phase, please read the text and only continue if you agree with everything that's being said. Next you'll be able to create a new wallet (write down the seed in a SAFE place) and make sure you pick a strong pin number to protect your wallet.

Step 3: fund your wallet

This step can be skipped if your wallet is already funded

In order to fund your wallet, open eclair, unlock it using your pin, then click on the menu "your bitcoin address". Copy the address and use your "normal" wallet to fund the address generated by eclair. The minimum amount of BTC you need to open a channel is 0.001 BTC, so you'll have to fund the address with 0.001 BTC + some extra satoshi's to cover the fees. So, in reality, i'd recommand your to fund the address with 0.0015 to 0.003 BTC.

Step 4: open a channel to my node

This step can POTENTIALLY be skipped if you already have open channels... However, having open channels does not guarantee there will be a route between the nodes you have open channels with an my node... There is no harm in trying out if there is a route before executing this step tough!

To open a channel, first get the node's uri... In our case, open a browser tab to my home page. At the bottom of this page, you'll find my node's uri in text format AND as a QR code.

Next, open eclair and go to "Lightning Channels", then click on the big green "+"-sign in the right bottom corner. Either copy the node's uri from my home page and chose "paste a node's uri" in eclair's menu, or chose "scan a node URI" and use your phone's camera to scan the QR code.

The following step requires you to fill the basic channel parameters. You'll have to chose the value you wish to fund the channel with, and you'll be able to pick a fee. If you're in a hurry, you can let eclair pick a fast fee (so you have big odds of getting your transaction included in the next couple of blocks). You can even pick a custom fee if you like.

Step 5: wait untill the channel's funding tx reaches a minimum number of confirmations

This step is only needed if you executed step 4.

Once your channels has been opened, you'll have to wait untill the opening tx has a minimum amount of confirmations (usually 3-6). After the minimum number of confirmations has been reached, the channel status will change to "normal", and the channel will be usable

Step 6: Pick an image you'd like to sponsor and create a lightning invoice

Surf to the home page

Pick any category

Pick an image you like, fill in the captcha, pick the number of steps you'd like to sponsor

A lightning invoice will be shown to you both in ascii (text) as a QR code. Both contain identical data

Step 7: pay the invoice generated in step 6

Open your eclair wallet, go to the transaction history tab (usually, this is the default tab), click on the arrow at the right bottom corner and either paste or scan the lightning invoice generated in the previous step

Step 8: Refresh the page to visualise your progress

The payment will be recorded and the image will be unlocked for all the steps you payed for, even if you don't refresh the page... Refreshing the page is just a way for you to check the progress you funded :)

There's a refresh link shown under the invoice..