The lightning network is a network created ON TOP of the bitcoin protocol. It uses the blockchain to record the opening and/or closing of "lightning channels" between two parties. Once a lightning channel between 2 interested parties has been opened, funds (transactions) can be sent instantly at a very low cost. No need for your lightning transaction to be confirmed, no need to wait, no need to pay exessive feeds, no extra load to the bitcoin blockchain.
Sound pretty good doesn't it ;)
The "downside" is that the lightning network is still in it's infancy, so not to many people actually risk using it. This website fills this gap: you can relatively safely test out the lightning network on this site, since an unblurring step usually costs less than 1000 satoshi's, so even if something goes horribly wrong, you'll only stand to lose a couple of bucks!
Sure, the initial idear of this website was to only accept lightning payments... However, i added an extra feature named "credit lines". A credit line can be funded with virtually all crypto currencies, as long as these currencies are relatively stable and have a reasonable trading volume on a couple established exchanges... Eventough paypal is the absolute crypto antichrist, i'll also accept paypal payments if i really have to...
The thing is, credit lines can only be created manually, so if you're interested in opening a credit line, you'll have to shoot me an email and discuss the funding of your credit line: mocacinno@mocacinno.e4ward.com
Yes! I set 2 cookies: one is the session cookie that is set by allmost all websites you visit, the second cookie contains your choice regarding me showing NSFW images (or not). Don't worry tough, the cookie isn't named "NSFW" or "XXX"... It has a random name, so even if somebody is browsing your cookies, he/she will never know what that cookie is for ;)
I also work with some external advertisers. They can also set cookies. If you want to know which cookies they'll set, you'll have to visit their websites
I also keep basic data in my apache's log and in google analytics to improve my visitor's experience.
If you ever send me an email, i'll also keep this mail.. So any data you send me will stay in my mailbox forever (unless agreed otherwise!)
Usually this either means that you're using an incompatible client or there is no (or an insufficiently funded) channel between our lightning nodes
Did you follow my walktrough?: WALKTROUGH
Yes :)
As a matter of fact, i've written a complete admin interface where image producers can upload images and look at their image's statistics...
I usually keep between 10% and 30% of the income of your image as a service fee, and the rest of the money is yours...
The fee % you get depends on wether or not your images are unique, the volume of the images and wether or not you'll actively promote your images.
Want to know more? Take a look at => THIS <= page
The use of any function of this website is at your own risk. I'm not responsible for any losses that may occur
Please note that the lightning network is still in the very early stage of development, so errors *can* happen
Also, bug happen, it's possible my site isn't 100% bug free (it's even very likely)
Last but not least, not all images on this site are uploaded by me... So it's possible that images are incorrectly tagged as "SFW" while being "NSFW". It's also possible an image producer uploads an image that's illegal, a scam, spam,... I can't help the fact that a producer uploads these images, however if you send me an email: mocacinno@mocacinno.e4ward.com or contact me on bitcointalk (user mocacinno), i'll make sure to remove any illegal image ASAP