VPN review: trust.zone

Sure, technically you don’t need a VPN when you’re a crypto enthousiast like me. However, using a VPN has a lot of benefits for the crypto-user.

The most important benefit is the fact that when you broadcast transactions, wether you’re using a full node (like bitcoin core or btcd) or an SPV wallet (like electrum or most hardware wallets), it doesn’t matter: hiding behind a VPN will decrease the odds of other people collecting your information and using analysis tools to dox you (reveal your real name).

I’ve been using trust.zone for quite a while now… I like them because:

  • They’re NOT located in one of the “fourteen eyes” countries
  • They’re not located in one of the countries that are deemed to be an “enemy of the internet”
  • They don’t log traffic
  • They don’t log DNS requests
  • They don’t log any connection data, exept the amount of bandwith you use
  • They accept BTC payments, and even give you a 10% discount if you pay with BTC instead of paypal, visa,…
  • Their PGP key is available
  • They meet PrivacyToolsIO criteria
  • They run their own DNS server
  • They support OpenVPN
  • They don’t block P2P traffic
  • AES-256 data encryption, RSA-4096 handshake encryption
  • 3 simultanious connections allowed
  • 108 servers in 30 countries
  • Linux support
  • No propriatary API’s on their website
  • A rating of their self signed SSL certificate
  • Super cheap (look for the discount coupon code at the end of this post!!!)
  • FREE trial available!
  • 10 days full refund policy

These are the reasons i’m sticking to trust.zone for the forseeable future :). Full disclosure: eventough i’m 100% happy with trust.zone, and i’ve been a loyal user of their service for more than a year, i do get payed if you decide to join their service using the link in this post 😉

Last but not least, use code “2YEARSOFF” for an extra 10% discount. If you combine all discounts, you can get a solid VPN package as low as $64.66 for 2 years! That’s only $2.7 a month or less than 9 cents a day!!!)

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