Detect unspent outputs on several chains that forked from BTC lately

Warning 1: The tool i’m offering is harmless, since i never ask your private keys, altough using this tool will reduce your privacy… I’m querying a lot of altcoin explorer’s api’s, so these explorers could potentially log your ip and all addresses you’re checking. This could enable them to group your wallets together, and link them to your ip.

Warning 2: I have not vetted the chains i’m querying… Some of these altcoins could be huge scams! Always empty out your BTC wallet before attempting to import your private key into a forked wallet! Don’t import your private key if you don’t trust the wallet! Double check for replay protection!!!


In this blogpost i’m going to describe how to use my script to check for any unspent outputs on one of the many forks of bitcoin that have been launched recently. As soon as you know you can claim some of these fork coins, it’s up to you to decide if you want to claim them, and search for a guide on how to claim 🙂


  • Python 2.7
  • pip
  • a list of addresses you want to check
  • git

Tested on ubuntu 16.04 LTS with python 2.7

Installation on ubuntu 16.04

git clone
cd mocacinnoforkchecker
pip install argparse requests base58 urllib urllib3 json tqdm cfscrape
python –help

source: (this post is a copy from a post i made on bitcointalk)